Pricelist and Table of Additional Fees

Price list for Standard Bikes, Standard Bikes with Child Seat, Children Bikes and Tandem Bikes

Gross value

Payment for rental

(Amounts from individual time ranges sum up)

from 1 to 25 minutes


from 26 to 60 minutes


from 61 to 120 minutes


third and each subsequent commenced hour

PLN 5 /hour

Fee for exceeding the 12-hour limit of rental

PLN 300

Fee for theft, loss or damage of:

Standard Bike

PLN 3900

Standard Bike with Child Seat

PLN 4500

Children Bike

PLN 3500

Tandem type of Bike

PLN 10000

Additional fees

Initial fee

PLN 10

Bonus for escorting the Bike to BiKeR Station (Premium Return)


Abandoning the Bike out of the BiKeR Station (Paid Return)

PLN 10

Ride on a Bike by greater than allowable number of persons for a given type of Bike

PLN 100

Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) in Non-authorized Zone

PLN 450

Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) outside User Zone

PLN 450

Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) in a hardly accessible place

PLN 600

Removal of applied protections

PLN 200

Non-authorized ride

PLN 100

Transporting the Bike via other means of transport (train, bus, car etc.)

PLN 100

Additional fees sum up.

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