Connecting personal account with a contactless card RFID

Manual on how to connect User Account within the Poznański Rower Miejski (PRM) with a RFID proximity card (contactless card compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 standard and in particular MIFARE Classic 1k 4b nUID).
In order to facilitate the process of bike rental, PRM Users may assign a RFID card to their account in the system (such as PEKA or Electronic Student Card as well as the majority of payment cards).
RFID card may be paired up with an account in four ways, by means of:

  1. The website or PRM Mobile Application – to do so, one must be familiar with UID of a given RFID card,
    How to proceed:
    – log in to your account on the website / in the application,
    – in the menu select the “Proximity card” tab,
    – then, enter UID of the card and press the “Add” button,
    – UID of the card will be visible in the “Proximity Card” tab.
  1. PRM Mobile Application – you don’t need to be familiar with UID of your RFID card,
    How to proceed:
    – rent a bike,
    – log in to your account via the application,
    – in the menu, select the “Proximity Card” tab,
    – then, select the option “Use RFID reader on the bike” in the application and place the RFID card next to the reader located on the rear mudguard of the standard or electric bike,
    – message will appear about your successful adding of the card and its number will be displayed in the “Proximity Card” tab.
  1. Terminal
    How to proceed:
    – log in to your account through the terminal,
    – then, place the RFID card at the designated place in the terminal.
  1. On-board computer on PRM4G bikes
    How to proceed:
    – simply place the RFID card on the reader located on the back mudguard of a bike,
    – if its computer screen is blank, select the OK button
    – the last step is logging in to the account through the on-board computer,
    that is, entering your telephone number and your PIN code.

Once you have added a RFID card to your account, renting a bike will be possible by placing the card on the reader of a PRM4G bike. In case of PRM3G bikes, all it takes is to select the option of RENTAL/RETURN on the terminal, placing your RFID card on the reader within the terminal and entering the number of a given PRM3G bike.


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